This project was to create a poster, business cards, sticker and coaster design for Edmonton based company, Dedicated Designated Drivers. I decided to put a focus on the three “D’s” rather than the company name through the phrase “Don’t Drive Drunk.”

This project was to build a new website for the Blue Jar Antique Mall. Everything was coded from scratch and I directed a photo shoot for new website photos. You can visit the website at

This logo was designed for an Edmonton based Chinese Dance Group. They wanted the logo to feature an abstract dancer, so I made one that resembled Chinese script.

Logo and business card design for local artist, Justine Foster.

Logo created for a retelling of the story Macbeth.

This project was to write and design a magazine layout based on an influential graphic designer. I chose George Lois for my subject and used the popularity of the show Mad Men to draw attention to the content, as some see George Lois as an inspiration for the show’s character, Don Draper.

This project was to create an ad that marketed concierge services to wealthy, single men between 35 and 55. I chose to play to the ego by creating “Alfred Concierge Services” and comparing the target audience to millionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne. Who wouldn’t want their own Alfred?

This was a proposal for a new logo for Fort Saskatchewan High School.

Decal design created for an old, Japanese arcade cabinet. I recreated the English logo and used art assets I found online. The ghost character on the right is actually an enemy sprite that I cut out of a screenshot and altered in Photoshop.

This simple logo mark was designed for a Calgary based paranormal group called Wolf Paranormal. I chose a simple wolf shape with ghostly wisps for a supernatural vibe.


These are all various design projects I have done over the years.